Why Do I Write Poetry?

I had time on my hands and energy

I could run a race or climb a tree

But I felt something take hold of me

So I sat down and wrote some poetry

Do you know?

Why do I do so?

I mean, write poetry?

Well, I don’t know

But it must be so;

When words are clay

And they feel like play

When you don’t care what’s two plus two

But you know

Goo rhymes with loo

You have got some poetry in you!

When a fleeting feeling touches your soul

You gotta grab its tail, gently hold

Like raw wet Earth

Press it with your fingers, and let it mould

Into shapes, beautiful and bold.

When a pretty verse comes anew

Take it home

Let her spend the night with you,

Let her ride the wheel

And spin threads that make you think

                                         make you feel

Things all and sundry

And that’s how you make some poetry!

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