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Eight Thousand Miles Under The Sea

Prompt: Flabbergasted

I was an island 

floating in a dead sea 

Of loneliness.

I sat waiting, 


for the waves of sorrow 

to swallow 

the idea of me.

If the self didn’t exist 

and my body ceased to be

wouldn’t my soul be free? 

They came and went,

masters of their own 

playful, curled tresses of the sea 

Leaving me behind under duress

my heart, body, and soul 

a mess.

I ran, my feet burning on hot sand,

kept the waves at an arm’s length.

But till when?

On the days

the sun shined, 

I was a happy island

but only till there was sunshine.

Twilight came 

with all kinds of dark shadows 

lurking deep in my mind’s meadows.

The surf came and went

frothing at my feet, hungry.

But one day the waves came 

knocking at my door 

mad, angry.

A force my fortress of sea shells 

Couldn’t hold. 

The waves took me in

eight thousand miles under the sea 

there was no sun, no life, no entity. 

It was an odd shade of dark here 

but what left me flabbergasted 

was the ease I felt in that captivity. 

It’s hard to describe in words 

it’s a feeling 

Only captured in metaphors.

Of what it was like to be 

eight thousand miles under the sea 

an island submerged. 

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