Conversations with a bee

Busy buzzy bumble bee
You seem so restless 
Just like me.
Can't choose a colour 
Is that why you chose black n' yellow stripes,
Do you also not know 
What to do in this little life ?
Do you also sway from highs to lows 
Do you make plans that fail,
Or you just go with the flow ?
Are you a cog in the wheel with places to go 
Or are you part of God's plan,
A cosmic spec in nature's show?
Do you also feel life's too short and 
there are so many books to read 
Have you to fund and fend for your existence 
Got a little tummy to feed ?
Do you feel the sting of
a capitalisit society and a post modern life 
or do you sting back ferocious, 
with equal rife ?
Do you have love and a mate to find 
Tell me bee, how do you fall in love 
With someone who's kind to you 
Or with the one who's your kind ?
Do you ask yourself 
If you are doing the right thing 
How do you even know 
When to hum and when to sing ?
Is it easier to navigate through life 
When you have wings to fly 
Or is it futile to question so much 
And just live 
If one day, we are all gonna die?
I often feel like Hamlet
Don't know- to be or not to be
What do you think
Is it better-to be just a bee?
The questions will never end 
I didn't have the answers,
So I asked a bee.
She told me I am not alone to 
Feel how I feel
Maybe the bee is also 
A little like me. 


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