Loony Lovegood

Prompt: Normalcy

If loving you 

was lunacy 

Then leaving you 

was a return to normalcy

to safe, sound arms of sanity. 

When I tripped over you

On my way to nowhere

I thought I had found home 

I was naive 

or maybe it was the Nargles.

I thought the universe had left 

A trail of crumbs, a train of clues

To lead me to you. 

In my head

 I had built a roadmap

For every moment of our togetherness

We would sit in the backyard 

and watch sunsets 

We would drink infinite cups of tea 

Let our skins sag, our eyes wrinkled 

Get old 

And let our lives unfold.


I wore you like warm fuzzy sweaters 

on cold winter noons

I wove you like a dream 

Little did I know 

I was pulling wool over my eyes 

And could not see 

You were just a house of paper

With vents


You were just an empty space 

That cost me too much rent.


Somehow being homeless 

Feels right 

You were a mistake 

That needed to be made 

For me 

To be a tad bit wise.

Now that you are there 

No more 

For this lunatic lovegood

A looney asylum would suffice. 

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