Chasing Rainbows

When you open the windows

 and let in the sunlight, yet

to shine on broken columns

And the rain comes in too?

What do you do?

You shut the drapes tight

And ask

Why can’t I just have the sun 

And leave the rain outside? 

So you hug your knees to your chest 

And dream of sunkissed noons

playing hide and seek

The sun is to seek,

the rain is to hide

You are afraid of being drenched in the cold 

But in your heart you know 

It is only when the sun meets the rain

 that rainbows unfold

You want to be brave, don’t you?

So you draw a quivering breath,

step out and chase rainbows. 

You get wet but the universe has a plan 

And a kind soul lends you a poncho 

You were kind to someone once 

and kindness creates ripples 

And now the ripple has reached you.

You were brave and a little mad 

To go chasing rainbows. 

But it was worth it

Cause it is only

these moments of meaning that

make us more than 

Just flesh and bones

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