Dream, An Absurd Dream!

Dream an absurd dream. 
For dreams to reach maturity
They need to cross the threshold of absurdity.
Like a girl, bleeding her first, 
Steps into womanhood. 

Dream an absurd dream
That makes people laugh 
On your face, in disbelief.
Or gets them simmering with anger
Oh, how dare you!
Dream with such audacity
When life itself, 
Is no less
Of an absurdity.

Dream absurdly, 
Even if it seems out of reach 
Spread your imagination wide
You did as a child!
Spread it 
Like now you spread butter on your toast
To snort with your morning coffee, 
In caffeine driven hopes 
Of waking  
With a jolt, to reality.
You know, your dream 
Could come true 
I know you don’t think so.
What if you set out to seek 
And find 
By a chance of fate
Someone who does, when you don’t 
Believe in you?

You scoff at the possibility 
The tired lines 
Around your eyes, say
Oh, I have seen too much of reality!

You have big hands now 
Big enough to knock 
These bookish hopes off
Big enough to hold 
A zillion things on your plate
And a coffee mug straight.

But wasn’t there a time 
When your hands were smaller
You’d cup them together to
Fill them with water
And crouch to catch the moon every night?

Wasn’t there a time
When you wrapped your hand 
Around a finger
And ran before you walked 
Coz you wanted to tell the wind 
All about the dreams, you would ride
In your sleep tonight?

Imagine what could happen 
If I told you that
We are different shades 
Of the same flesh and blood 
Strung in a thread of humanity

We are dreamcatchers 
What if I told you 
And you believed that
We live 
To harness 
The power of absurd dreams. 


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