Today, I Am A Visitor Maa

Today, I am a visitor Maa
No, No I can’t stay
You pack your Aloo Poori
I will eat it on the way.

On the way to the big city
Where ambitions are crafted out of dreams
And fattened on money.

Money is plenty, Ma
It is all about the hustle!

No, Ma I can’t come to cousin Vishnu’s wedding on Saturday
This weekend is working, Maa

No, Maa I order in, usually Mexican
Arey, don’t worry it is healthy
It has kidney beans in it 
Wo kya hota hai ?
Arey kidney beans, apna rajma Ma! 
Can’t really cook dinner
I reach my room only at 11 pm
Overtime hota hai na.

Haan, but wo toh har jagah hai na Maa
This economy is in a mess baba!

Pata hai, I miss your kheer Maa 
The cafe I drink at
Always gets its chakhna right
But your kheer?
It is out of this world Maa.

I miss you too, Maa
Arey, call karta to hu !
It gets busy Maa.

Most days the city
Lulls me to its tunes 
Into a tired sleep 
Where I dream of home 
No, I can’t stay Maa.
I can’t stop. 
It is sin 
To stop 
In a race of rats
It’s a rule to run 
For survival.
It is a sin 
To trace back your steps 
On the turns 
You took
To show the world 
Your back 
And I am 
Too afraid 
To be 
A sinner. 


One thought on “Today, I Am A Visitor Maa

  1. This is so beautiful, Ayushi. Proud to say that I’m one of the people who are close to your heart! Have always witnessed your love for words and it’s heartening to see you finally putting it out for the world.
    Keep writing and keep posting!
    Love, love.❤️

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