'Sunflowers' by Vincent Van Gogh


They say yellow is the colour of happiness.
A mad genius
They tell me,
Driven insane, by his humanness
Caked his insides once
To find happiness
In the colour yellow.

There are some like us 
God gave us eyes 
But didn’t intend for us to see
Can you tell us 
What does yellow mean?
That which poisoned
 a mad artist with hope
Do tell me what secrets 
Does the colour of sunflowers hold?

You know when,
 on a  January winter noon,
 you step into a garden to get some respite from the cruel cold? 
and the sun tickles your skin, 
The warmth seeps in
and snuggles you in a blanket of sunlight? 
that’s what yellow feels like!

From the dark of fear 
When you walk into courage
Hold your head high, and look up to the sky
all the bright light you see 
behind closed eyes? 
That is what yellow looks like!
When it rains in a field of marigolds,
 Travellers trudge by 
Navigating the paths of life
Crushing the flowers, as they walk
Rises from the earth the fragrance 
Of rain mingled with the worn flowers
That is what yellow smells like. 

When you hear a child giggling 
chasing a butterfly, 
Her laugh, like the summer breeze
Caressing a wind chime
that is what yellow sounds like!

When a stranger holds your hand,
 And leads you safely, across the street
To the other side
 you are touched by the act of kindness?
that is what it is like, to be touched by yellow!

So you see? You can’t see!
Looking at what the world has come to
It is a blessing maybe
Those who see the world with open eyes 
See it, only in shades of black and white
They have forgotten 
That there are seven colours in the rainbow
But for you, my friend,
But there are more than one 
ways to know the colour, yellow.

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