In Search of Freedom

Once upon a time 
There lived a bird.

She wanted to fly 
In the skies 
Far away 
In search of freedom. 

She lived in a cage 
Near a tree 
Where sat a wise sage.
He was bound to the earth 
Deep in penance and meditation,
In scorn, she watched him all day 
And dreamt of flying away 
In search of freedom.

One day, she pecked the cage hard with her beak,
The sage opened an eye
The door opened, 
Knowingly, the sage smiled.
Out she flew in the wind, 
Like a boat on sail 
But couldn't get far from her cage, 
It stuck to her tail ! 
Like a friend, 
On her search for freedom.

She rode the pink sky 
With her cage tagging behind 
She went where it snowed, 
Hopped where it shined
She met seagulls, 
Climbed great rocks. 
She flew 
Where men feared to tread 
In search, 
But didn't find freedom. 

Whenever she went, 
Her cage trailed behind 
'I'd give up anything, even my wings', she cried 
I am a free bird, but I am not 
Free from the prisons 
Of my mind. 
When she had combed the ends of earth,
And still not found her freedom
She went home, 
To the wise sage 
And bowed her head for an answer
In submission. 

"O wise sage ! 
I searched, I sought, I looked,
And yet didn't find 
Is freedom a myth then? 
Or is it me who's blind ?"

"But child, you didn't look" said the sage 
"You merely gazed at the scenery" 
I stood still, and had an epiphany
I was a prisoner of my mind 
My cage, my prison, 
My freedom, my search 
Lay within me.

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