I can feel your touch in my bones
Long after the rays 
Break the spell of night.

I wake up in a daze and watch
The morning sun 
Spilling on the floor
Making shadows of us
In sunlight.

When the world slept
We danced
The dance of puppets
The strings of lust 
Holding us, tight.

I open my eyes
As if to end a bad dream
And hear the sound of your gaze
Humming a song
To my skin, 
A song of fire and ice.

Making it burn and melt
At  your touch, as you whisper
A lover’s lullaby.

You touch my fingertips
With yours. Entwined,
They make a hut
For our bodies to live in,
To sleep all day 
And talk all night
Next to each other
Touching, together.

You count the freckles on my shoulder
I spell our names on your back
We learn each other in games, 
Like children
Living in a picture frame, forever.

We dress and undress, hide and seek
We let our bodies tell stories
With silent lips, of who we are
And what we used to be.

The sun comes and goes
Like an intruding guest
When it goes down to watch itself set
We make cups of coffee
Like two dolls in a dollhouse

And get to our games
Often, it is a game of scrabble we play
You guess with your fingers
All the words, my skin wants to say.

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