Night and a Star’s Voice

Word Prompt: Black

The black of the night 

Asked the lone star bright 

Why do you go on

shining alone 

In a sea of darkness? 

Doesn’t the loneliness engulf you

Oh, star bright? 

Choke you 

Numb you 

Make you mad with fright? 

It’s my nature to burn, said the lone star 

I must do that, even if no one’s in sight. 

Lonely it gets but 

I tell myself, I think I can 

I can, I will, in a sea of darkness


Burn bright.

I am here 

A speck in infinite space 

To dispel 

The spell of darkness 

To be gazed upon with wonder

On the cold nights of December

By stargazers

To show the way to lost wayfarers

I shoot across the sky

And leave trails of light behind 

To fulfill 

heartfelt wishes

My purpose 

In this universe 

Is to give light

Hence I must


Burn bright.

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