A Tale of Two Lovers

Tonight the bard’s telling a tale, 

and as it happens too often, it’s a tale of love. 

Once upon a time, there was a Mr. Self-love

 He had to step a little low 

I know it is sad but oh, what could he do? 

The bar was set and the pedestal was high 

His mistress Mademoiselle Expectations aspired for the sky.

 Perfection was the lover after whom she lusted 

Mr. Self-love was pushed into a corner, but

 he was a patient man,

 With kind eyes he watched, the wheel of time roll 

As fate would have it, Perfection’s myth was busted.

 Mademoiselle Expectations couldn’t understand what happened

 Face flushed, she sobbed hot tears of frustration;

 They wet the garment of social convention that she wore on her sleeve 

Her own nature and folly had given her cause to grieve.

 Seeking redemption she went in search of Mr. Self love

 Here is a list of things she did: 

a) Went to the hills on ‘much-needed vacation’, came back, the status update read: ‘The hills have liberated me’. Er, no, they had not.

 b) Went shopping. Wallet empty, head and heart still heavy. 

c) Invoked the mysterious powers of the bottle, nothing was gained, except a hangover.

 d) Posted a photo-shopped Selfie, it was like throwing a tube made up of social media validation to save her drowning esteem . 

When all her sorcery had failed and the gods were still not pleased 

She invoked the Muse of self help literature

 But he was a fickle lover, gave her only a moment’s pleasure. 

Finally on a monk’s advice, she looked for Mr. Self love within

 and lo! found him ,to her surprise. 

Keep your patience ,for this is a long tale , 

enmeshed with chapters on compromise . 

She found him waiting at the steps of the staircase

 Composed and chaste

 He was a gentleman after all ,he made no haste.

 She came down the steps ,he climbed up a few ;

 It was in the middle that they met 

An embrace ,that was all it took, to emancipate her

 From the snares of her self-created net

 That they lived happily ever after ,I cannot say 

The world they chose to live in was a cursed one.

 There were phases of separation and reconciliation 

But let us end this with tears of joy O Reader,

 Because in the end , what matters is, they always found their way

 Back to each other.

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